Top 20 Holiday Apps


Top 20 Holiday Apps

With the Christmas break on the other side of the year, what better way to break up the annual monotony than a sneaky get away. But no matter where you’re headed, sunny beach or adventurous jungles, these holiday apps should come in handy!

Onavo (Android, Apple)
Onavo produces a suite of apps on Android and iOS that are all about managing and reporting on your data use. If you’re travelling you can not only set your phone so it downloads only the minimum amount of data needed (from social media and emails for example) but you can also monitor exactly where those megabytes are being used to plug any holes.

Travel safe (Android)
This app features a massive list of local emergency services contact numbers and can even track you current location and get you in touch with the right people in moments.

Ski & Snow report (Apple)
With more than 2,000 ski areas listed, this app not only lists local weather but can also help you find the best slopes via GPS and features reviews from fellow skiers.

Sunscreen (Apple)
If you work outdoors, are at the beach or swimming pool or just enjoying the great outdoors, this clever App allows you to schedule set reminders on when to re-apply the cream!

XE (Android, Apple)
The internets best source for up to the second currency exchange rates now comes in a handy app that features live updates and a streamlined design.

WorldMate (Android, Apple)
With WorldMate you can just send your many travel confirmation emails to their service and they’ll put together a gorgeous looking itinerary in seconds!

HostelWorld (Android, Apple)
The best way to find somewhere to stay is based on the recommendations of others and HostelWorld comes with over 3.5 million user reviews of all kinds of places to stay. You can even book in the app.

Waze (Android, Apple)
Waze tracks your driving progress when its open, updating other users with real-time traffic and helping to contribute to a massive community of people who want to beat the traffic.

Marine: Europe (Android, Apple, Windows Phone)
If you’re heading towards a body of water, you’ll want the Marine app on your side. With incredibly detailed maps inside, you’ll also find updates on local weather and plenty more.

PinPin ATM finder (Android)
Find your nearest source of wall-based money with this handy app. Over 200 countries are included so you’ll never be lost without cash again.

Foodspotting (Android, Apple)
More than just another guide to the best local restaurants, Foodspotting is all about the dishes. Here, users share their favourite food with reviews and pictures and ratings. So if you’re dying for a really good steak you can find out where to go!

Google Goggles (Android, Apple)
Goggles sees your world – scan a barcode and it will see the product, or snap a business card to extra the info. It even claims to be able to spot real world landmarks but in reality the mileage varies.

Wi-Fi Finder (Android, Apple)
The internet is everywhere but getting it for free while on holiday is a top priority. This handy maps shows you where to go.

Trip journal (Android, Apple)
Make a real memory of your holiday with Trip Journal. What starts with a text based diary entry can be embellished with pictures and videos and you can pin locations with your GPS to remember right where you were.

Kindle (Android, Apple)
Kindle is an amazing resource. Right from your phone or tablet you can access a repository of over 2 million books. Link your Amazon account, select a title and you can literally be reading it seconds later. You’ll also find a ridiculous number of newspapers and magazines on the service and the mobile version of the app has improved massively over the last few years. A must have.

AA parking (Android, Apple)
This comprehensive service includes all paid for and free locations in Ireland and the UK and can provide directions, pricing info and real time updates on spaces.

Heritage App (Apple)
Heritage App maps over 1800 heritage locations across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland and includes reviews to find the best places to visit.

HearPlanet (Android, Apple)
With this app you can get an audio guide to over 300,000 locations around the world. Most of it is free (though a premium version also exists) and it easily syncs to your location.

Instagram (Android, Apple)
There’s no point going away if you can’t make everyone back home feel jealous and Instagram is the ultimate way to do that. Snap a picture, add a cool filter or some blur and instantly upload it to the service and push out to social media.There’s a massive community of people who are only too happy to like your work of visual art and hashtags to use to describe just how much fun you’re having!

FourSquare (Android, Apple)
This app allows you to check in at your location, awarding you point for each new place and also giving you handy tips from people who have been there.You can also see pictures from other users and get an idea of the other attractions nearby. Plus you get extra points for travelling thousands of miles between check-ins!

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