Top Google searches after Trump win- confusion central


Top Google searches after Trump win- confusion central

Donald Trump has been voted in to become the next President of the United States.

Democracy acted and this is what it said, the ramifications will be seen in the future.

As for right now, the world is trying to get to grips with the reality and that includes the millions of people who ran straight to Google for answers in the wake of the result. Google trends has released the top searches for the 9th of November, and people have a lot of questions.

Outside of the United States, mostly people are wondering exactly how this came to pass.

The polls also came under fire as many initial estimates saw Clinton ahead. In some respects, you can see Trump's election as the very definition of the American Dream, that anyone can accomplish anything. But that doesn't mean people aren't confused about the actual result.

Top Google searches after Trump win- confusion central on
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