Top Tips - Book Your Holiday From Your Handset


Top Tips - Book Your Holiday From Your Handset

As much fun as going on holidays eventually is, there can be no doubt that the actual organisation of the damn thing is a daunting task! Well, what if we were to assure you the entire venture could be planned and booked right now, from your smartphone?Read on, and let us take the hassle out of holiday planning.

Where Do You Want To Go?

Destination is the be all and end all of any vacation. Decide which country, region or continent tickles your fancy and everything else starts to fall into place. Tripadvisor should be your first port of call here – not only will it manage your travel, accommodation and dietary needs for the breadth of your vacation, but it also has a handy ‘Holiday Ideas’ section. This filters your interests, adventure, culture, shopping etc. versus your general region of choice, Asia, South Pacific, etc and spews out plenty of inspiration. Available on iOS, Android, Windows.

How Are You Going To get There?

You’ve decided where you’re going. You’ve also probably decided why. But getting there is another hurdle entirely. Predictably, in addition to hotels and car hire, Skyscanner will give you the low down on flights to and from your destination of choice. It’ll tell you if there’s a direct flight, or if you’ll need a combo. It’ll give your seat availability and it’ll give you time and dates. Most importantly though, it’ll give you the prices. And if these currently are not to your liking, you can set up Skyscanner alerts that will let you know when a price drop has come into effect. It’s not the only way to book flights to exotic locations on your phone, but it’s the one with the least hassle… Available on iOS, Android, Windows.

Where Would You Like To Stay?

Realistically, every travel app will provide you with a list of hotels willing to part you from your cash. However we recommend Airbnb which finds rented accommodation in over 34000 cities and 192 countries. And these aren’t just five star hotels. AirBnB keeps you abreast of any accommodation, however slight and unorthodox. From a sunny spare bedroom in El Raval in Barcelona for only €15 per night to a couch in the heart of Paris for €30. AirBnB thinks outside the box and your wallet will appreciate that!Available on iOS, Android, Windows.

What Would You Like To Do When You Get There?

Everyone and their dog would suggest you get yourself a Lonely Planet PDF guide for your destination, but we rate Tripadvisor for the same function… and not just because you already have it installed. The ‘Things To Do’ tab is extensive, filtering attractions by Cultural, Landmarks, Performances, Museums, Outdoors, Amusement, Sports and Zoos/Aquariums (And that’s discounting the tabs under Activities, Nightlife and Shopping). Coupled with this is perhaps the largest archive of reviews submitted by holiday-makers anywhere on the web. If you want to get a feel for both the quantity and quality of attractions at your destination, Trip Advisor has you covered.Available on iOS, Android.

How Do You Plan On Getting Around Once You’re On The Ground?

Any travel planner worth its salt, and certainly the ones we have recommended, will be able to give you an in-depth rundown of the public transport opportunities available to you. But our suggestion – Just install Hailo. This taxi-app doesn’t just service Ireland, it also caters to the likes of London, Madrid, Tokyo, Osaka, Boston, Toronto and NYC. Your holiday is too scarce an annual commodity to waste on trial and error bus and train routes. Just tap Hailo twice, jump in a cab and do what you came to do!Available on iOS, Android, Windows.

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