Trek Mount Everest With Google Earth and Discover Khumba


Trek Mount Everest With Google Earth and Discover Khumba

Google Street View has gone to many places before - including quite possibly the street where you grew up and the far reaches of the Grand Canyon. And now, they've scaled Mount Everest.

Well, mostly. In March 2014, Google Earth Outreach teamed up wth Apa Sherpa for a 10 day trek through the Kumba region in northeastern Nepal, aiming to enhance their coverage of the region and bring users a detailed view of a place few will ever visit. Apa Sherpa is a massively experienced climber and a man who has been the top of Mount Everest a massive 21 times - which is a world record. He wanted to show the world not only the wonders of Everest but also give them more information about the Sherpa community which lives in the shadow of that vast mountain range.

New local landmarks were added as well as a look inside some buildings, revealing this community which is all but isolated from the rest of the world. Apa also founded the Apa Sherpa Foundation which works to improve educational access for local students and to give them the chance to pursue their dreams. Apa himself wanted to become a doctor but was forced into the life of a porter and onwards to a world-record holding summiter but he wants the children who come after him to have more choices in life.

Right now, you can see the kind of life the Sherpas live as well as catching the breathtaking views, and the odd yak, on your trek close to the summit of the world.

Click here to start your journey.

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