Turkey bans Twitter...sort of


Turkey bans Twitter...sort of
The Turkish government has decided that they've had enough of Twitter and have blocked access to the social media site, instead directing users to a statement from the country's telecommunications authority.

Access to the social networking site Twitter has been blocked in Turkey by the country's federal authorities, redirecting users who attempt to visit the site to a statement by the Turkish telecommunications regulator instead. According to a Turkish journalist talking to The Daily Dot, the block on Twitter started on Thursday at about midnight. It appears as though the Turkish authorities didn't think to block Twitter's SMS service, as the social networking site's Policy account has been updated to remind Avea and Vodafone users that they can still text START to 2444, while Turkcell users can text START to 2555. The reason that the Turkish authorities have decided to ban Twitter are not totally clear-cut, but the service was used recently to post voice recordings and documents that allegedly expose corruption inside the prime minister's inner circle. Don't like the conversation? Just ban the medium!

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