Twitter begins roll out of 'While You Were Away' feature


Twitter begins roll out of 'While You Were Away' feature

Twitter has started rolling out its new ‘While You Were Away’ feature, so you can catch up with the best tweets posted while you were AFK.

With so many tweets posted every second, it’s easy to feel that you may have missed out when you pulled yourself away from your smartphone or laptop screen. Now, you can see the best tweets that were posted while you were away.

This feature pulls the best tweets from a user’s network and puts them at the top of their feed when they open the app. Twitter is yet to say how it determines what the best tweets are. We assume that it simply comes down to the activity generated by them. So, if you follow celebrities, expect “best” to be a very loose term.

The new ‘While You Were Away’ feature sounds similar to Facebook’s Top Stories feature, which displays the most important stories more prominently. It is the first feature adopted by Twitter that breaks away from the chronological format that the social media site is known for.

Twitter has lofty aims. It hopes to break the billion user mark. Currently, it has 284 million users and recently fell behind Instagram. Clearly, it is hoping that this novel feature will help it rise to the pinnacle of social networks.

Twitter begins roll out of `While You Were Away` feature on
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