Twitter fights online harassment


Twitter fights online harassment

The internet can be a cruel and hateful place - when people are safe behind their keyboards they seem to feel liberated to the point of shouting any abusive comment which enters their minds. Unfortunately that has led to a culture of abuse, with some sites (like YouTube) gaining a reputation as a place where vitriol lives.

Twitter doesn't want to go that way and has formed their own Trust & Safety Council to tackle the issue of online harassment. It's a group they have put together which will help them to deal with problems as they arise by helping to form new policies and respond to individual cases.

A blog post talks about where these members will be drawn from

  • Safety advocates, academics, and researchers focused on minors, media literacy, digital citizenship, and efforts around greater compassion and empathy on the Internet;
  • Grassroots advocacy organizations that rely on Twitter to build movements and momentum;
  • Community groups with an acute need to prevent abuse, harassment, and bullying, as well as mental health and suicide prevention.

Ireland's own is part of the group, which also includes the Samaritans, GLAAD, Feminist Frequency, Reachout and many more. It's designed to be an all emcompassing list which can be sensitive to a broad spectrum of perspectives and help to make the internet a nicer place.

Twitter fights online harassment on
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