Twitter Has Decided To Show You Tweets You Don't Care About


Twitter Has Decided To Show You Tweets You Don't Care About

In an effort to ‘make your home timeline even more relevant and interesting’ Twitter are basically undermining your previous decisions regarding which accounts to follow.

The reason – Money.

Well, not in so many words. Twitter would have you believe ‘diversity’ is the driving force. And to an extent they’re right. This move should lead to a greater diversity in ad sales and revenues generated. And the only injured parties are you, the ‘lowly’ users, who already probably spend too much time scrolling past useless tweets as it is…

Full disclosure – I’m being purposefully cynical on this one. But in all honesty, this feels like nothing other than the next logical progression from promoted tweets and retweets. It’s a business decision, nothing more, to get more companies and retailers in front of more and more people. As it stands, scrolling down past promoted tweets is a mild inconvenience. This too, will inconvenience, mildly.

But it’s not the end of the world, and I’m not even calling you to action. Twitter literally owes us nothing. I’m just saying all these intrusions into the list of accounts I’m following, a list of accounts I carefully selected, are additive. These intrusions are erosive.

I use twitter to keep a very close eye on a paltry handful of accounts. I have time for this and only this. Having tweets from other accounts, accounts I have by default refused to follow, is only going to drive down my Twitter usage, not prompt it.

Perhaps I’m alone in this.
But I’m not, am I?

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