UberPool Lets You Share the Cost of a Car With Other People


UberPool Lets You Share the Cost of a Car With Other People

Uber is an app that lets you post your location and request that a car comes to pick you up, with the main selling point of the service being that you can order more fancy rides should you wish.

Now, the company is adding more functionality with the arrival of UberPool. The idea is that if the app finds two people who are heading in the same direction it will put them in touch with the same car to offer a discount. And if you use the feature and it can't find you a buddy, you'll still a discount for trying.

Sounds like a nice idea, though when you break it down users are planning on getting into a car with a driver they don't know and then picking up another total stranger. For some, that might seem like a great way to make a couple of new friends, for others it will be nothing less than a waking nightmare.

Thankfully, its all entirely optional but it is a sign that Uber is willing to change up its MO in search of new business and they're open about the potential awkwardness in their recent blog post. The service is currently in private beta, and its set to hit more areas in mid August.

Would you catch a ride with two total strangers!?

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