Updated OnePlus 3 video is much faster


Updated OnePlus 3 video is much faster

The OnePlus 3 is only just out but it's being put under some serious pressure to live up to its flagship killer name.

Already the phone is being compared to others like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which is widely considered to be the best smartphone around. Their specs are surprisingly fairly comparable, with the OnePlus 3 actually featuring 6 gigs of RAM, which is more than the 4 the S7 sports.

So they were pitted against eachother in a memory test by C4ETech. And the results were a little disappointing.

Since then, OnePlus' Carl Pei has come out to say that while the new handset does feature 6 gigs of RAM it doesn't necessarily use it all the time. That's because that high performance hardware running constantly would have a serious impact on the battery.

Really OnePlus took the decision to limit that behaviour in pursuit of the best user experience possible, a compromise between power and battery life. The good news is that you can convince your phone to throw caution to the wind and go all out. And the results are pretty stunning.

Here's the OnePlus 3 vs the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge after rooting.

That makes a world of difference, with the OnePlus 3 actually beating the S7 Edge across the whole test. Now this doesn't mean that it's necessarily that much faster in real life but it does show that OnePlus put some serious work into their new phone.

The really big news here is that the phone can come even close to matching the Samsung device, considering it costs around half the price. That's hugely impressive, and finally sees OnePlus really delivering on the lofty goals they've had over the last few years.

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