VIDEO Bullets vs Propeller in super slow motion


VIDEO Bullets vs Propeller in super slow motion

The Slo Mo guys are back at it again, and this one has bullets!

They've strapped an M60 machine gun (with a targeting sight) onto a bit of metal with a propeller attached. Ok so the gun is from 1957 so it's not exactly from World War 1. And the plane doesn't really look like one either.

But who cares, you're here for the slow motion!

We never tire of seeing bullets blasting out in super slow motion, and the ridiculous 120,000 frames per second footage lets you see the shockwave as the projectile is hurled forth to its destiny in a rocky outcropping nearby.

The bullet vs prop action is actually not as exciting as we were hoping, they really should have just fixed it in place and destroyed the thing entirely!

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