VIDEO Dolphin fed up with iPad camera snaps


VIDEO Dolphin fed up with iPad camera snaps

The iPad has featured a camera for a few generations now, which means that technically you can use it to take photos in all kinds of situations.

But you really shouldn't for a whole bunch of reasons, mainly that you look like a bit of an eejit holding such a huge device up to take what is going to be a purely average photo, especially when you probably have a much better and more suitably sized snapper in your pocket.

And this dolphin agrees - just don't use your iPad people!

It's also pretty easy to drop the thing when you're trying to take photos like this. And who even walks around with their tablet anyway? Baffling behaviour.

We're sure that the dolphin wasn't trying to see it anyway, he just wanted to see if it floats. Which is clearly kind of does, but it might not work so well afterwards.

VIDEO Dolphin fed up with iPad camera snaps on
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