VIDEO Drone lands on moving car


VIDEO Drone lands on moving car

Drones are everywhere today, and soon they'll be coming for you when you drive.

This new video gives us a glimpse of the future when robotic drones will hunt us for sport.

It has you now...

In this case, the test was put in place to enable the removal of the landing gear from the drone. This means that the weight of the craft can be lowered, which makes it possible to increase the potential payload. But without landing gear, you want to be able to land safely, instead of just crashing into a field.

The landing here was also autonomous, which is important when it comes to tricky moments like this. The landing was initiated and the drone tracked special markers on the car to ensure it hit the right spot. Naturally in the future both the drone and the car would be self driving, so they could team up on the hunt for the few remaining humans.

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