VIDEO Google Street View goes tiny with trains


VIDEO Google Street View goes tiny with trains

You've been to some of the most amazing sights around the world with Google Street View, from Petra to the Amazon and the highest mountain on Earth. And now you can travel to one of the smallest.

Google used a brand new camera to capture a street level view of Miniatur Wunderland in Germany. This special set up in Hamburg is home to the world's largest miniature railyway and with more than 13,000 kilometers of lines it the big kind of little.

Check out this adorable video, which shows you the scale of the system along with tilt shift, time lapse and stop motion elements.

That fully functioning airport has to be one of the best things we've seen in ages, the planes actually fly off into the clouds!

The image of the little Google Street View car is a bit of a cheat as the camera hasn't actually become that small. Instead Google engineers crammed all the material they needed into a model train chassis and used it to tour the streets in style. It looks a little less cute than the car in the video above.

Get started on your tour of this Miniatur Wunderland right here.

VIDEO Google Street View goes tiny with trains on
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