VIDEO High Dynamic Range rocket footage is beautiful


VIDEO High Dynamic Range rocket footage is beautiful

High Dynamic Range photography means capturing images at different exposures and combining them to fill in shadows and restore detail to highlights.

Your smartphone probably has a mode that does a version of this, helping to create images that look a little bit more like the human eyes sees. HDR is also coming to video and it's a new technology for TVs as well, so you'll be seeing more balanced and detailed images in the months and years to come.

Well now NASA is using HDR to find out even more about their rockets. A specially designed camera uses several image chips to capture different exposures at the same time and layers them together to restore picture information to extremely bright areas.

What we get to see is the flame from a rocket test like never before.

This is the Orbital ATK’s QM-2 solid rocket booster, the most powerful rocket currently in use. It was shot with a Stereo X (HiDyRS-X) camera that captures multiple exposures at a high speed. Played back you get to see the flame in slow motion and vivid detail. And this is part of the final testing phase before the rocket goes into use.

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