VIDEO Llama unboxes new Samsung Galaxy S7


VIDEO Llama unboxes new Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung has a major event set for the 21st of February which will reveal all the details of their new Galaxy S7 handset ahead of Mobile World Congress 2016. But before we get to that, they've started a Seven Days of Unboxings event for the handset and kicked things off by letting a llama play with the new phone.

Yes you read that right - a llama.

Here's what happened when Kusco the llama got a first look at the S7 and was asked to create a painting all about it.

It's an incredibly weird promo but that llama is very cute and got the chance to see one of the most anticipated handsets around up close and personal. Also, we're pretty sure that art would sell, even if you didn't know it was painted by a llama. Another video was also released which shows what happens when a little boy meets the S7. It's interesting to see what he draws when he comes out of the pretty intimidating box.

Check it out.

That definitely looks more or less like a phone - are we getting a glimpse of what the lock screen is going to look like? Who knows what other people and things Samsung will be rolling out over the next five days ahead of the big annoucement - maybe we should expect some celebrities? Or an underwater attempt at unboxing?

Find out all about the Samsung Galaxy S7 on the 21st of February 2016.

VIDEO Llama unboxes new Samsung Galaxy S7 on
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