VIDEO Sometimes hoverboards explode!


VIDEO Sometimes hoverboards explode!

Ok so for some reason hoverboards have suddenly become a thing. Let's get one thing straight - they really don't hover at all and aren't a patch on what Marty McFly gets up to in Back to the Future Part II.

Still, the two wheels vehicles have become very popular and no doubt turned up in a lot of homes over the Christmas period. And we're sure they can be great fun as you appear to be floating around to the casual observer, and there's absolutely no suggestion that this is the first step towards an obese populace like the ones in Wall-E.

But while they can be entertaining, hoverboards are also pretty hazardous. And that's not just because you can fall flat on your face, sometimes they just explode for no reason.

This simple video review foiled by flames, starting from 1.50. That's a pretty impressive conflagration, and it's not the first we've seen. Some companys have been producing cut price versions of the hoverboards which have the potential to belch fire from their innards, often starting in the battery compartment.

It's funny to watch someone dancing away from flames but this is a cautionary tale as well - take care if you're experimenting with hoverboarding.

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