Vine Website Undergoes Major Overhaul


Vine Website Undergoes Major Overhaul
Users can now search for funny 6 second cat videos with ease...

If you're not familiar with Vine then you're either dangerously out of the loop with the latest fads, or you're the wrong side of 30. Since its launch the short video service has proven to be hugely successful with internet users, generating millions upon millions of six second videos chronicling everything from the mundane to the incredible (and, of course, lots of funny cats).

In a complete overhaul to the service's website, the company has now repositioned itself ever so slightly, as it now offers users the chance to search all public videos with ease, potentially becoming a YouTube for the ADD generation. The redesign takes more than a nod from the service's apps, and features playlists so you don't even need to click that mouse to get your viewing in!

If you haven't yet checked the site out, you can do so by pointing your browser in the general direction of right now - just maybe get the last of that paperwork finished first, you're likely to lose more hours than you can imagine to the your viewing.

Vine Website Undergoes Major Overhaul on
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