Virtual Reality headset Oculus Rift coming early 2016!


Virtual Reality headset Oculus Rift coming early 2016!

A long time ago, on the internet (August 2012 to be exact) 9,522 people Kickstarted a project called Oculus Rift to the tune of $2,437,429. The aim was to bring the first 'truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games' to life. They promised to have kits in the hands of backers in November of 2012...

Almost two and a half years later, the Oculus Rift dream has grown bigger and bigger, leading to the company being bought by Facebook in March 2014 for around $2 billion. It's pretty clear that some very smart and influential people have a lot of faith in the project, and they're finally going to get to see if it was all worth the wait.

Oculus Rift is coming - you'll be able to buy a consumer model in quarter 1 2016.

That's still a really, really long way away but its the first major annoucement of a new headset model from the company in years, since they confirmed that they wouldn't be releasing a new testing kit. The press release from Oculus is promises that pre-orders will start in late 2015 and gives a quick look at what the consumer model will look like when you finally get your grubby paws on it next year.

It's looking pretty slick indeed, with a matte approach that is far less clunky than previous models. The company is also promising an improved tracking system for seated and standing experiences and a better overall design focussed on that very important factor - comfort. And there's a lot more information to come, with hints at a major annoucement or two set for E3 in Los Angeles in June 2015. We'll get to see more real-world applications for the hardware, as well as finally finding out what the future of Virtual Reality and videogaming looks like.

The Oculus Rift is coming in Q. 1 2016 - get the latest info here.

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