Vodafone ESB broadband coming to Cavan in 2015


Vodafone ESB broadband coming to Cavan in 2015

A major investment of €450 million in fibre infrastructure for Ireland is underway, with Cavan town being one of the first areas to benefit.

The development comes as part of an arrangement between Vodafone and ESB Ireland, with the former providing the broadband services while the latter provides access to their nationwide network of cables. This fibre-to-the-building technology will bring massive speeds to local people and business, ensuring lightning fast download and upload speeds.

The aim is to reach 500,000 premies in 50 towns around the country during this first phase, which will launch in late 2015 in Cavan town. Other broadband companies will also be able to use the new infrastructure which will make it easier than ever to provide decent internet speeds to everyone. Ireland lags behind much of the Western world in terms of its Broadband speeds, ranked at 32 behind the US, the UK, Portugal, Israel and more, according to Internet Society.org. And while most urban areas are served by some kind of broadband services, rural locales still have trouble receiving any kind of data signal, often relying on less-than-reliable satellite internet services.

This new initiative won't solve that problem overnight but it is expected that a significant portion of the country will be receiving speeds of between 200 and 1000Mbps by the end of 2018, with scope for more development after that, bringing us closer to the top of the table in terms of European broadband speeds. Look for more information by the end of 2015.

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