Vodafone TV brings new features to Ireland


Vodafone TV brings new features to Ireland

Vodafone Ireland has just launched their latest product, which is set to bring a whole new level of choice into Irish homes.

Vodafone TV is a comprehensive digital TV package which represents the first time the company has launched TV services here. It comes on the back of 18 months intensive research and development at the Dublin headquarters in collaboration with Vodafone teams from around the world.

The result is a focussed and accessible system built on comprehensive surveys of Irish TV users. Vodafone wanted to know what they did and didn’t like about digital TV, and about the elements that were essential to creating a truly state of the art product.

Ciaran Barrett, Head of Consumer Fixed, Vodafone Ireland, commented on the launch, “This is a significant move for Vodafone in the Irish market, offering a full TV service to our customers for the first time. Vodafone TV customers can build their own packages to suit their household needs and enjoy unique features such as Restart TV and Netflix at the touch of a button.”

We got the chance to get an early look at Vodafone TV today and at first glance it’s very impressive, starting with the stripped back user interface which favours minimal text whenever possible. Instead you’ll be treated to important information like the name of the programme and how long it has left to run, as well as a regular picture-in-picture previews of additional channels.

That design ethos extends to every part of the system, letting you glance at a number of shows at the same time and easily navigate between up to five recent channels, so you’ll never lose your place.

There are several key features of the new TV box, including:

Restart TV: applicable programmes show a simple prompt when you flick to them – just press ok and the remote and you’ll be taken back to the beginning. Never miss a plotline or a goal again!

7 Day Catch Up: just bring up the TV guide and navigate to the left to see the last week of shows, all ready to watch without having to be stored on your box.

HD for Free: every channel which has is HD capable is automatically at the highest resolution possible, without having to pay an extra fee. It’s the kind of quality the modern TV viewer expects.

Wireless Multiroom: Vodafone is also pioneering new tech in Ireland with the launch of boxes which don’t need to be tied down by wires. Up to four additional boxes connect to a router like VAP device which acts as a central hub and also stores all your recorded video for communal use.

The Vodafone TV package also feature deep Netflix integration – it’s so much a part of the system there’s a dedicated button the remote control and it also appears as a channel in your guide. Launching in seconds, Netflix works just as it does on other platforms, once you sign in you’ve got access to the full range of content. And some of the Vodafone TV packages comes with six months of Netflix as a free extra.

A new TV Anywhere app is also launching for iOS and Android, bringing premium streaming TV to your mobile. Initially you’ll have access to a massive 73 channels on this service, and it won’t count towards your data limit on Vodafone mobile.

There’s a lot more news to come on Vodafone TV, which is available to order right now online or in stores. The first packs will be going out on Friday the 22nd of January, with pricing starting at €40 per month for Vodafone TV and Broadband – price fixed for the first six months.

Head to vodafone.ie/tv for more.

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