Vodafone TV mobile app won't use your data limit


Vodafone TV mobile app won't use your data limit

Vodafone TV launches across Ireland today, bringing a digital TV service to Vodafone customers for the first time.

The service is launching with a number of impressive features, including 7 day catch up, free HD channels and a single button to restart the program you've switched to. This is all tied together with a clean and visually designed user interface and an accessible remote control which features its own dedicated Netflix button for deep integration of the streaming video service.

The packages are rolling out now, and Vodafone is also launching a companion app at the same time. The TV Anywhere App is designed to replicate the experience you have at home, with access to more than 70 channels at launch, and you'll be able to watch your favourite shows and sporting events no matter where you are.

What's more, for Vodafone Mobile customers, any video watched through the app won't count towards their data limit. So you'll be able to stream hours of TV on the train, over 3G or 4G and you don't have to worry about it eating into your allowance. What's more, this applies to all Vodafone customers - so even if you're on a basic pay as you go package with very limited data, you can still watch as much as you like, for free.

It's an impressive extra feature to offer their customers, and one which chooses not to restrict access to video streaming - if you can watch it at home on Vodafone TV, why not let you watch as much as you like when you're out and about too?!

Vodafone TV is available now, with packages starting from €40 per month for the first six months. Head to your local Vodafone store to find out more or click on vodafone.ie/tv.

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