What's New With Your Smartphone in 2017?


What's New With Your Smartphone in 2017?

It’s crazy to think iPhones and Androids are approaching their tenth year of availability to the general public. While the first phones were, without a doubt, impressive, they’ve come a long way and many of us wouldn’t dare leave the room (let alone the house) without ours. These days, smartphones have the capabilities to do things that we would have never imagined a decade ago, yet we’re still curious to know what’s next.

Although phone manufacturers like to keep things under wrap and key until the big reveal, here are some things that we might see in 2017:

Charging and Battery Power

When you’re constantly on the go you shouldn’t have to carry around your phone charger or be tied down with the worry of where you’re going to end up charging your phone, when it threatens to die during an important phone. Although there are some Androids that have already been offering wireless charging for some time, iPhone loyalists may be seeing wireless charging in their near future. With more wireless charging options, we no longer need to worry about tracking down your charger cord or accidentally taking your roommate’s or vice versa.

Speaking of charging, keeping your phone powered up will become a lot less of an issue if phone manufacturers continue to offer better batteries. Currently most smartphones have batteries that last anywhere from 10 hours to 32 hours, on a full charge, depending on what you’re doing and whether you are connected to wi-fi. Other factors to consider is the age and quality of the battery, but you can be sure that phone manufacturers are working hard to make a better battery, as nothing makes a smartphone user more angry than going from 90% charge to 15% charge is just a few hours.

Increased Security

If you’re like billions of other smartphone users, your phone is your lifeline and is full of sensitive information. A stolen phone, with a numerical password, can be broken into in a relatively short amount of time. While some users don’t worry about their security, others appreciate the smartphones that have fingerprint and facial recognition. Although iris scanning has been around for awhile, and seems pretty futuristic and sci-fi, it may be available on more smartphones (rumor has it that the next iPhone may have iris scanning and/or facial recognition).

Better GPUs

There are smartphone users who know what a GPU is and then there are those that don’t know or care. If you’re a big online gamer, or even just a casual gamer, the GPUs, (graphics processing unit) matter. The GPUs are responsible for determining how fast and effectively your smartphone produces the things that happen on your screen, which is essential for playing some of the best online games while you’re on the go. Currently, One Plus 3 and Samsung Galaxy are some top picks for having the best GPUs. Competing phone manufacturers may want to take note.

Upgrades in Cameras

Ever notice when you take a selfie, the quality is far less superior than the back facing cameras? It’s no surprise that we are selfie-obsessed and many phone manufacturers are keeping that in mind when designing and making upgrades on their front facing phones. Although most smartphone cameras take some phenomenal shots, we can expect to see more wide-angle and telephoto cameras as well as high quality capabilities for nightlife shots.

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