WhatsApp responds to vulnerable encryption claims


WhatsApp responds to vulnerable encryption claims

WhatsApp has responded to a report from The Guardian suggesting that the popular messaging app’s encryption communication systems are vulnerable to interception.

Parent company Facebook previously claimed that no one bar the sender and recipient can read a WhatsApp message, including Facebook and its staff.

However, the report states that the company could in fact read encrypted messages due to the manner in which WhatsApp has “implemented its end-to-end encryption protocol.”

The report also suggested that the vulnerability could be exploited by government agencies.

Speaking with Business Insider, WhatsApp today denied the report’s claims, saying:

“The Guardian’s story on an alleged “backdoor” in WhatsApp is false. WhatsApp does not give governments a “backdoor” into its systems. WhatsApp would fight any government request to create a backdoor.”

There have been numerous concerns regarding user privacy since Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $22 bn in 2014.

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