Wi-Fi Enabled LG Smart Bulb Announced


Wi-Fi Enabled LG Smart Bulb Announced
Smartphone controlled bulb can last up to a decade...

LG's latest announcement, the Smart Bulb, could save users up to 80% on their energy bills thanks to some incredibly clever and efficient engineering - but it's much more than just a money-saver for users; it also has the ability to be controlled from your smartphone, adding a huge rage of functionality you never thought possible for something as seemingly innocuous as a light bulb.

Compatible with Android 4.3 and higher, as well as iOS 6 and up, the Smart Bulb app allows you to communicate with your Smart Bulbs wherever you are (assuming they have access to an internet connection), meaning that even if you're away on holidays, you'll be able to turn your lights on and off as if you were at home.

It's not just for security purposes, either, users can connect their handset so that any phonecalls during the night dim and brighten the bulbs in order to wake them up in the least intrusive way possible. Android users can use the bulbs' Play Mode to allow them to react to music, which could come in handy at a house party, for example, which, although not one of the most practical features in the world, is certainly a lot more inventive than what standard bulbs offer (which is to say, nothing apart from light).

The Smart Bulbs are available now in Korea, however there's no word from LG if or when they'll see release in other markets, but the fact that they're capable of managing as many as ten years when used for five hours a day, coupled with their incredibly low power consumption rates, means that they're likely to be in demand elsewhere, so don't be surprised to see them launch outside Korea ni the near future.

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