Wikipedia uncovers biased entry violation


Wikipedia uncovers biased entry violation

Texas publicity firm Wiki-PR has been accused by Wikipedia of posting biased articles for pay in order to make clients look good. The practice, which has been dubbed "sockpuppeting", is a blatent violation of Wikipedia's terms of service. After a month-long investigation into the incident, Wiki-PR was revealed to be using over 300 fake accounts in order to promote their clients in a seemingly unbiased manner. Wikipedia's lawyers have also accused the PR firm of "meatpuppetry", which is the practice of using false identities to advocate certain opinions in user discussion.

Wikipedia has since shut down all known accounts related to the incidents, stating that the practice harms the reputation of their site, diminishes the efforts ofvolunteers. According to Wiki-PR, they are "working withthe Wikimedia foundation and its counsel to sort this out."

Wikipedia uncovers biased entry violation on

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