Windows 10 anniversary update live now- extra power and accessibility


Windows 10 anniversary update live now- extra power and accessibility

Windows 10 has just celebrated a year since its first release, and quite a year it has been with Microsoft giving millions of copies away to user for free. More than 350 million devices are now on Windwos 10, which is a very impressive figure after a year.

To celebrate the first year a major Anniversary update has now arrived, bringing with it a host of changes and improvements. Here's a rundown of the biggest new additions.

Extra security is always welcome and the update adds the ability to integrate Windows Hello system to make your password even more secure thanks to biometrics and other means. There's better malware protection and a much more powerful Windows Defender program which will help to keep you safe.

Microsoft has also released Windows Ink, which makes it easy to add handwritten notes and more to compatible systems. You can use the stylus on Windows 10 platforms to do more, whether that's design, notation or doodling.

The web browsing experience with Microsoft Edge has been enhanced to produce faster results and, most importantly, consume less power which is always helpful with portable tablets and laptops. There's added security and more accessibility than ever before thanks to a range of easily added extensions.

And gamers have a lot to celebrate too as the connected platforms across Windows 10 come even closer together. We've already seen day in date launches of major games on both Windows 10 and Xbox One, a trend that's set to continue with more on the way in 2016 and beyond.

That includes being able to start a game on your Xbox One and continue on Windows 10 with Play Anywhere- that's just handy for everyone. And you can enjoy this on a whole new console with the launch of the Xbox One S.

Find out more about the Windows 10 Anniversary update over here, it's available to download now.

Windows 10 anniversary update live now- extra power and accessibility on
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