Windows 10 to release July 2015


Windows 10 to release July 2015

Windows 10 is coming, and sources close to Microsoft suggest that it could launch on the 29th of July 2015.

That's not long to wait as we hope for a release which is less buggy than recent OS offerings from Microsoft. Windows 10 has been in a wide public beta for months now as a Technical Preview with many users reporting back issues and bugs which the company will be eager to fix in the coming weeks.

It is expected that those who are currently testing the early version of Windows 10 will be the first to receive the entirely free update in July. We've also heard that Windows 10 will receive more regular updates during its shelf life, including a large feature package in 2016 codenamed Redstone.

The new operating system is said to signal quite a change for Microsoft, with the massive company listening to feedback from millions of users during their development process. The result is a faster and more refined system which also unifies the experience across all platforms - desktop, mobile and even console, so you'll be able to play the same games on PC and Xbox One for example and port your progress across.

There's a faster, better internet browser called Microsoft Edge and fancy new extra are on the way like HoloLens, which will actually project holograms into your world.

Expect more news soon, and the full OS in July 2015.

Windows 10 to release July 2015 on
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