Windows 8.1 to Get Update on April 8th


Windows 8.1 to Get Update on April 8th
Interface improvements said to be top of the list in Windows 8.1 Update 1...

It's been a rocky road for Microsoft with Windows 8 so far, with many users complaining about the sweeping changes introduced by the operating system, and reports that the whole thing is set to be replaced in the very near future, but that hasn't stopped the company working to make major improvements to things as Windows 8.1 gets its first major overhaul thanks to Update 1, which launches on April 8th.

The main changes in the update will focus on improving the experience for those who are still using keyboards and mice (read: almost everyone). In trying to completely redesign the OS experience for touch, Microsoft seemed to have forgotten than the vast majority of home users weren't actually using touch-enabled devices, which has been one of the major issues with Windows 8. Thankfully, it looks as though many of these issues will be addressed in Update 1.

Some of the changes include a more user-friendly way to close applications, so instead of dragging down you'll be able to access the more familiar minimize and close buttons by hovering your mouse pointer in the top right hand corner, and the ability to boot directly into desktop mode when a mouse is connected, saving users from fiddling around in settings in order to bypass the Start Screen.

Quite how much of a difference it'll make remains to be seen, but at this stage of the game anything is better than continually fighting agains the OS just to make it work like users expect.

Windows 8.1 to Get Update on April 8th on
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