Windows Phone and Desktop Stores to Be Brought Together


Windows Phone and Desktop Stores to Be Brought Together

As you may be aware, Microsoft's Windows 10 is currently being tested, with many more details to be unveiled at an event in January 2015.

Naturally, that means information is leaking all over the place, with a build of version 9901 being released into the wild. And there are plenty of new additions, with one of the biggest being the introduction of Cortana to desktops. It seems you'll be able to select the digital assistant from the Start bar and just vocalise your questions, like you do with your Windows Phone.

Another significant change involves the app store. In Windows 10, it looks like the stores for Windows Phone and regular apps and programs will be brought together. This is part of Microsoft's push to bring its various brands together and should also help to increase the number of apps available to mobile customers. It's likely to also mean that you'll be able to install mobile apps onto your desktop, and maybe even the other way around, provided each platforms supports it.

It's a positive change for a company which is intent on reinventing itself in the mobile space, moving away from their previous Nokia-made handsets and slowly turning Windows Phone into a more desirablemobile platform.

Expect more news on Windows 10 at a major Microsoft press conference on January 21st 2015.

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