Xiaomi Could Launch Their First Phone in the West


Xiaomi Could Launch Their First Phone in the West

Xiaomi is a massive Chinese manufacturer of smartphones which has yet to arrive in the West. But that could be about to change.

There's no confirmed news yet but the latest premium handset from Xiaomi, likely called the Mi 5, is set to be unveiled on January 15th and there's speculation that it could be their first handset which also makes a break for markets in Europe and the United States.

The phone itself is still under wraps but those everpresent leaks mean that rumoured specs have been floating around for awhile. The tech will likely include a 5.7 inch screen at a massive 4K resolution and a very impressive 20.7 megapixel camera. Internally, a cutting edge Snapdragon 810 processor and 3 gigs of RAM will keep things ticking over nicely.

It sounds like a top-tier smartphone, so hopefully we'll be able to get our hands on it later in 2015.

Stay tuned for news from the Xiaomi press conference on the 15th of January.

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