Xperia X Compact is for fans of smaller phones


Xperia X Compact is for fans of smaller phones

Sony Mobile introduced a new smartphone range at Mobile World Congress earlier in 2016 with the X name. Now they've got some extra handsets on the boil and they're looking pretty interesting.

The XZ is the flagship handset with its top drawer specs and gently curved body but we're just as interested in the new Xperia X Compact.

That's because it follows in Sony's grand tradition of delivering a smaller screen phone (in this case a 4.6 inch display) with compromising on specs.

So it features the same 23 megapixel sensor with triple imaging tech and lighting fast focus. It also has three gigs of RAM and a large 32 gigs of storage on board, expandable with microSD. The X Compact also has the latest battery and charging innovations which should keep it going for up to two days, and ensure the battery remains healthy for months and years to come.

And it does so in a form that's genuinely easy to hold and use in one hand. This is something which large screen smartphones have moved away from in recent years, and it's pleasant to find a feature packed phone that will fit in any pocket or handbag which won't have you straining to drag down the notification bar.

It helps that the phone has a nice understated design, with a slightly chunkier profile than some other handsets and curved edges that feel good in the hand.

The Xperia X Compact will be out in Ireland from the 1st of October, 2016- priced from free.

Xperia X Compact is for fans of smaller phones on
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