You Can Buy a Kinect Sensor For Your PC Now. For Some Reason


You Can Buy a Kinect Sensor For Your PC Now. For Some Reason

As of right now, you can pre-order a Kinect that will hook up to your PC.

This is a slightly strange proposition, not because Kinect itself isn't quite a cool concept (and sometimes even good in practise) but because the controller doesn't come with any software.

That's right, you can't buy any PC game with Kinect functionality, nor any off the shelf programs. What you get for $199 is a very large, black paperweight which has had the Xbox logo removed in favour of plain Kinect branding. And it's a darn big hunk of plastic, complete with outsized power brick.

Of course this isn't entirely true or fair, the Kinect for Windows V2 is really a tool for developers. Coding sorts can take the enhanced functionality of the hardware and make it do strange and wonderful things via the Windows SDK. They'll have more fun stuff to play with than ever before, including better colours, a higher definition camera and wider angle as well as much improved skeletal tracking.

This has all served to make the games on Xbox One more responsive and should have plenty of applications for clever sorts.

The Kinect for Windows V2 is available onlien to pre-order herefor €199, the release date is July 15th.Free shipping apparently, though don't blame us if you get stung for duty.

You Can Buy a Kinect Sensor For Your PC Now. For Some Reason on
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