You can smoke this smartphone


You can smoke this smartphone

The latest innovation in smartphones isn't a bigger battery or a better screen, it's vaping...

A new handset from Vaporcade includes an e-cigarette as part of the case. You just load up one of the many available cartridge in your favourite flavour and you'll get 800 puffs, or around four packs. The phone measures how much you're using and you can set targets to help you quit over time.

The handset itself is a bit weird looking, which isn't surprising when you've got a mouthpiece and liquid filled container at one end.

The Jupiter IO 3 is marketing itself as the world's first smokeable phone, and we're pretty sure no one else is going to try to claim that crown any time soon. That said, as an item which is with you all the time and with the tracking element, it could actually be helpful for people to manage their cravings.

A 4G version is also in the works.

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