You Can Try Google Glass for Free - Become an Explorer!


You Can Try Google Glass for Free - Become an Explorer!

Google Glass, its out there.

That's right explorers, you can totally get in on the wearable tech thing right now by snapping up a pair of futures spectacles for a cool $1500. Unless you're in Ireland, where you can't yet buy the things and the app even isn't available on the Play store.

Google is still being cagey about its long term plans for Glass - the current price is unsustainable and the hardware itself massively flawed. But they're still convinced that some people will want to buy in at this early stage. So they're giving people a chance to try them out.

The company has offices in New York, San Francisco and L.A. where you can head for a demo of Glass, a fitting or even a service if you were one of the early adopters. It's by appointment only (because, why not introduce another barrier of entry) and you can find out more here.

Back in the real world, its safe to say that most humans will want to wait until the price drops by a good grand before they even consider adopting Glass. It would also want to be smaller, with a better camera and voice recognition and a vastly improved battery.

Still, if you can convince people to buy your only halfway working demo model, more power to you.

You Can Try Google Glass for Free - Become an Explorer! on
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