You'll Be Able to Pay Apple To Replace the Apple Watch Battery


You'll Be Able to Pay Apple To Replace the Apple Watch Battery

So the Apple Watch has a confirmed release date and pricing - its actually coming out and it's going to inspire a lot of column inches between now and then.

The reaction so far has been decidedly mixed, it's an attractive enough piece and the hands on content so far makes it seem like it performs adequately but there are major questions marks over significant areas, and the pricing is absolutely insane. One of the most contentious issues so far revolves around battery life. It seems pretty clear from Apple's careful answers to questioning that the Watch isn't going to last long - we'd wager that if you're constantly poking the device you'd be lucky to get half a day out of it, and what's the point in spending 10 grand (or more!) on something which is only useful until lunchtime?

And these battery life estimates are all from the beginning of the life cycle of the device. We all know that rechargeable cells retain less power over time, and with the need to charge the Apple Watch at least once a day, the lifetime of the internal battery is bound to get even worse over the months and years ahead. So what are you supposed to do when the battery eventually gives up the ghost? It seems you'll have to return the device to Apple for a new battery pack.

Apple confirmed to Techcrunch that the battery is replaceable and it should last for three years and then you'll have to send it back to the company. There was no further detail on how much it might cost to replace the battery, but Apple has a history of extremely strong aftermarket care, even for users who are out of warranty.

I'm expecting that once customers get their hands on the Apple Watch, the conversation will get a lot more positive as they discover another deep and tactile user experience from the company but I also wouldn't be surprised to hear plenty of backlash about the device's featherweight battery life.

The Apple Watch is set for release on the 24th of April 2015.

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