You'll need an adapter to charge and listen to your iPhone 7 at once


You'll need an adapter to charge and listen to your iPhone 7 at once

The Apple iPhone 7 is out very soon, and apparently it's a very brave device.

That's because it took courage to remove the headphone jack from the phone, at least according to Apple. That's despite the fact that no users are really asking for this to be a feature and that the Moto Z smartphone did it first.

Anyway you'll find plenty of solutions to the issue of not being able to plug your headphones in anymore- including a 3.5mm adapter in the box as well as new lightning earphones - but that's not the only problem at hand.

What if your phone is low on juice and you want to keep listening to music while you charge? Well you're out of luck because both the charging cable and your phones need the same port. You could swap over to a wireless set, but they're still not overly common or, in general, any good.

Well there's a solution on hand, but you're not going to like it. Behold- the Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar!


This product from Belkin will plug into the lighting port at the bottom of your phone, splitting it into two lighting ports. That means if you want to listen using your old 3.5mm phones you'll need to also plug in the adaptor to this adaptor before you can listen and charge at the same time.

It wouldn't have been hard for Belkin and Apple to include a little audio jack in this hub, but that wouldn't support their push towards digital interfacing which is apparently the future for some reason. Oh and it costs 40 quid, because of course it does.

Get ready to carry around a lot of cables if you're going to upgrade to the latest iPhone next week.

You`ll need an adapter to charge and listen to your iPhone 7 at once on
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