Your new MacBook Pro could have a fancy mini touchscreen


Your new MacBook Pro could have a fancy mini touchscreen

According to reports, Apple is getting ready to refresh its MacBook Pro line - and the new devices could come with some interesting extras.

In addition to being thinner thanks to moving to USB-C, the latest rumour suggests the new 13 inch and 15 inch machines might sport a TouchID sensor. That would make a lot of sense for added user security, giving people the ability to unlock their highly senstive material using a fingerprint. It's also tech which Apple has had a lot of success with in the mobile space, so the move would make sense.

Another more off the wall addition is the possibility of including a small OLED screen just above the existing keyboard. This small screen could be touch enabled, essentially adding a row of context sensitive buttons right where you can easily access them.

The possibilities with that kind of technology are endless - easily adding shortcuts for browsing while you're on a webpage which change to editing shortcuts on a text document. And there's plenty more for power users with customisable actions for every program and app you use.

And, not incidentally when it comes to Apple, this extra screen could look seriously slick, and wouldn't be much of a battery drain either.

That's total speculation for the moment, and it's likely we won't find out until the end of the year when the new models might be released.

Your new MacBook Pro could have a fancy mini touchscreen on
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