YouTube exclusive Step Up show incoming - Channing Tatum producing


YouTube exclusive Step Up show incoming - Channing Tatum producing

YouTube Red is still a thing, and more original content is on the way.

At VidCon 2016 it was announced that a Step Up series is in the works for the only streaming subscription service. It will be partly produced by Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, the husband and wife team who met on the first Step Up movie back in 2006.

The film series to date has been a lot of fun, especially the more recent entries which have all but done away with story in favour of increasingly elaborate dance sequences and over the top 3D effects. That level of production might have to fall a little for YouTube but the combination of broad dramatic moments and pulse pounding dancing is probably a good fit for your everpresent screen.

YouTube is also bringing back its PewDiePie series (which people are watching for some reason) and is producing a doc series by Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me) about the most popular creators on the platform. There's more to come, and while no official numbers have been released the company says they're comparable to offerings on cable networks.

The bad news is that YouTube Red isn't available outside of Australia, New Zealand and America just yet - though they're promising more countries soon. You can buy some episodes individually if you're really into it over here.

YouTube exclusive Step Up show incoming - Channing Tatum producing on
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