Agent Carter Gets First Clip - Premiere Set For January 2015


Agent Carter Gets First Clip - Premiere Set For January 2015

Marvel Agents of SHIELD is currently back on our screens and it remembered to bring some intrigue and narrative impetus this season, making for a much more entertaining time.

The show will take a mid-season break around Christmas to make way for something new to schedules, and that's the return of Hayley Atwell's Peggy Carter for a new series of her own.

Agent Carter will follow her adventures as she initially tries to clear Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) of some nefarious charges. She's helped in that by Stark's butler Jarvis (James D'Arcy) whose name will no doubt turn a few heads in its direct connections to Tony Stark's robo-helper voiced by Paul Bettany.

You can get a glimpse at most of the major players in this first clip.

While I'm not so sure about the particularly on the nose dialogue, Atwell is likeable in this role and its great to see that they've managed to nab Cooper, who also played the role in The First Avenger. That's about to get more complicated though as John Slattery will be Stark in Ant-Man (he also filled the part in Iron Man 2).

The action looks punchy here as well and it's going to be fun watching Atwell teaching these 40s and 50s chaps some manners. Marvel also confirmed that Agent Carter will debut on ABC in the US on the 6th of January with an initial run of 8 episodes. Then Agents of SHIELD will resume its second season on the 3rd of March.

Are you looking forward to more SHIELD on TV?

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