Agents of SHIELD Gets a Second Season and Agent Carter Rises Again!


Agents of SHIELD Gets a Second Season and Agent Carter Rises Again!
All the SHIELD, all the time

I have to admit, I gave up on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD a while back - mainly because the show didn't seem to have a clue where it was going and was dithering around in lots of dull drama.

Reports suggest that latter half of the first season really picked up the pace, critics scores were up while viewer numbers continued to topple. Apparently this is good enough for NBC, which has just confirmed that SHIELD will be back for a second season.

It's not that strange really - the Marvel universe isn't fickle, content to spend time and money to set up their universe and wait for the financial payoff down the road. It's worked a treat with the Cinematic Universe and the TV aspect has only just begun, with several shows destined for Netflix in the coming years.

And there's more TV news - NBC has also officially made a series order for Agent Carter, which will follow the adventures of Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) in the years after Captain America left her sans dance. The agent played a major role in setting up the original SHIELD agency which gives them plenty of content to play with and there should be some fun complications thanks to the events of The Winter Soldier.

Agent Carter had a pilot in the Marvel One Shot on the Thor: The Dark World home video releases and Atwell has done great work in the role. With the period setting and the likely involvement of characters like Howard Stark, its already sounding like the more interesting show of the two.

There's no premiere date set for either SHIELD season 2 or Agent Carter right now but it will be interesting to see what effect this news has on the season 1 finale of the former - which airs on May 13th in the states.

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