American Horror Story: Freak Show Debut Date Announced Plus Creepy Teaser Trailer


American Horror Story: Freak Show Debut Date Announced Plus Creepy Teaser Trailer

American Horror Story has already gotten a lot of mileage out of its anthology format, being able to change story and setting every season while still retaining an incredible cast.

For its fouth series, the setting is the 1950s and a quiet town in Florida is about to play host to a travelling troupe of freaks and marvels. But when a dark presence threatens everyone, the townsfolk and freaks will have to work together to survive.

Anyone familar with the work that creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have done so far will already be wondering how much more batty things can get but that set up leaves plenty of room for craziness, even if it does make us pine for the loss of HBO's marvellous Carnivale.

The show is set up at FX and they've just confirmed that the season premiere will air on the 8th of October at 10pm. And they've also released the first teaser trailer.

Not much to go on, but you can be assured that some of the visuals this season are going to be especially memorable.

The returning cast includes Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Frances Conroy, Sarah Paulson and Emma Roberts - and we're hoping Jessica Lange gets another juicy role and show just how versatile women of an older vintage can be on screen.

New additions for Freak Show include Michael Chiklis, John Carroll Lynch and the world's smallest woman Jyoti Amge.

We've already got chills.

On FX from the 8th of October, the shows normally start on Fox locally in November.

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