Arrested Development Season 4 is Finally Getting Edited in the Right Order!


Arrested Development Season 4 is Finally Getting Edited in the Right Order!

Like anyone else with eyes, ears and a halfway-functioning brain, I was all over the first three seasons of Arrested Development. Great characters, clever writing and fun visual gags kept me interested for years but when it came back to Netflix one vital thing was missing - coherence.

The entire thing just felt like a gigantic mess. Were the episodes in the right order? Why was I expected to remember a call back to something which happened hours ago in order to understand a scene? Naturally I just figured it was because I was a dullard and got on with my life but it seems I wasn't the only one because, low and behold, a chronological version is on the way!

Here's creator Mike Hurwitzconfirming he's cutting a new version and that a lot of the original structure had to do with scheduling the actors who could rarely be in scenes together. It starts around 6 minutes in.

Hurwitz has also been talking about a movie for the Arrested Development crew and there's a fifth season in the works but there's no confirmed news on either as yet.

As for the new version of season 4, I wonder if he'll also edit in a few more good jokes...

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