Batman TV Show Gotham Will Debut Around the World on Netflix


Batman TV Show Gotham Will Debut Around the World on Netflix

In this world of criss-crossing, multi-media universes, Gotham isn't all that surprising a project. It tells the story of the early years in the life of a young detective in the famed city going by the name of James Gordon and his interactions with some very familar characters.

Gordon is played by Ben McKenzie and the cast includes Donal Logue, Jada Pinkett Smith and Sean Pertwee - who plays Alfred! The show is set to premiere in the US on Fox on the 22nd of September but the real news today is a massive deal that has been done between owners Warner Bros and video streaming service Netflix.

Netflix will be the only place you can stream Gotham, exclusively, worldwide. That's pretty massive news, with the company earning even more attention as it slowly takes over the entertainment space.

But this is only the online streaming home of the show - so after local broadcast the episodes will be archived online on a region by region basis. Or at least that's our understanding. And this won't be happening until early 2015. That's a good while after the premiere in the US of the 22nd of September and months beyond a projected autumn 2014 debut in the UK on Channel 5.

That does mean that anyone who wanted to watch the show will be able to catch it on TV beforehand for free, and a lot of others will manage to pilot it before it gets an international release. And from what we're hearing the early word on the show hasn't been particularly stellar. So this could yet end up being a poor decision on Netflix's part.

Time will tell.

Gotham kicks off in the US on the 22nd of September and arrive son Netflix in 2015.

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