Catch a Glimpse of Peter Capaldi In New Doctor Who Tease


Catch a Glimpse of Peter Capaldi In New Doctor Who Tease

Peter Capaldi may be best known for cursing up a storm in The Thick of It but he's about to get a whole lot more famous as he takes on the role of Doctor Who for its 8th modern series.

This new season will arrive on screens in late summer and will see Capaldi fully accepting the mantle cast off by the regeneration of Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor in the 2013 Christmas Special. He also inherits Smith's companion in the pleasing form of Jenna Coleman who returns as Clara.

And here's a look at him in action.

Not a long look admittedly and most of that is taken up with text and fades to black but that's definitely Capaldi in the TARDIS and his new suit and possibly in a spot of bother.

Other details about the new series are being kept under wraps but we do know one important detail - the first two episodes are being directed by none other than Ben Wheatley. If you've somehow missed his offerings you date, you have to check out Down Terrace, Kill List, Sightseers and A Field in England immediately.

Doctor Who Series 8 will begin airing on the BBC in August 2014.

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