Fargo Season 2 Reveals Awesome Cast Including Patrick Wilson and Ted Danson


Fargo Season 2 Reveals Awesome Cast Including Patrick Wilson and Ted Danson

It's extremely likely that you missed 2014's best TV show, partly because there was no reason to expect anything from it.

Fargo starring Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton was a great slice of noir-ish thriller-ish comedy-ish stuff, with brilliant performances and a plot where just about anything could happen. It's perfect box set fodder and you should watch it now.

When you do, you'll notice more than a few references to the nearby town of Sioux Falls, and specifically something which happened there many years before. And for its second season, Fargo is going to delve deep into that mystery by relocating in space and time and picking up an entirely new cast in the process.

Some of those names have been revealed today, including the great news that the one and only Patrick Wilson will be taking on one of the lead oles. He'll be police officer Lou Solverson - played by Keith Carradine as an older gent in season 1 - in 1979 who's back from Vietnam and gets involved in investigating a local crime gang.

He'll have some help from his father-in-law, Sheriff Hank Larsson played by the pretty awesome Ted Danson and funnyman Nick Offeman will have a recuring role as a character called Karl Weathers. No relation. Other names include Brad Garrettt, Kieran Culkin and Ray Donavan.

It's all sounding very cool indeed, and we'll get to see Molly from the first season as a young girl and the important relationship which continues on in the modern version of the telling.

Fargo Season 2 will air in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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