Fargo Season 2 Will Also Feature Strong Women Characters


Fargo Season 2 Will Also Feature Strong Women Characters

Did you watch Fargo yet? It's way up there on my top shows of the year and a far cry from a random spin off from the Coen's 1996 movie classic.

The show is a great dramatic thriller in its own right but its also peppered with callbacks to the original movie. Yet somehow they never felt hackneyed and self aware - they're there for fans to enjoy if they notice them but are otherwise weaved seamlessly into the fabric of the storytelling and performances.

One of the major touchstones was of course the character of Molly, played wonderfully by Allison Tolman - who I hope we'll be seeing a lot more of in the future. She echoes the character played by Frances McDormand in the original film, in ways that become more apparent as the story goes on.

For the second season, we've already heard that the timeline is changing and its actually set to feature Molly's father Lou Solverson (originally played by Keith Carradine) investigating a crime in 1979 at Sioux Falls - a place you might recognise from its numerous references in the first season.

But despite that brief description, Hawley was keen to confirm that female characters will still be front and centre: "It’s about strong women, season two. There’s a lot of strong women; obviously we’re following Lou Solverson, a very strong male character, but I love that [a strong woman] was the heart of the movie, and with Allison in season one, so that’s what we’re steering toward."

It's good to hear because its not only a strong connection to the movie but also more significant in the entertainment landscape as a whole, where the representation of women still lacks the profile of male characters and stars.

Fargo Season 2 is coming in 2015.

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