Game of Thrones' Gleeson knew plot twist all along


Game of Thrones' Gleeson knew plot twist all along
Game of Thrones actor Jack Gleeson discloses he knew Purple Wedding twist the whole time

Jack Gleeson is clearly becoming more and more accustomed to the way of the contractual secrets and TV hush ups of his line of work. The young Game of Thrones actor recently revealed he knew about the Purple Wedding shocker from day one.

Warning to those who haven’t watched the latest Game of Thrones episode, this does contain some spoilers…. The Irish actor who plays King Joffrey has admitted he knew from the day he signed on to the HBO show that this latest episode, the Purple Wedding episode, would see his end.

Discussing it with Entertainment Weekly he elaborated "I knew from day one. When I got the part, I read the first book and before that I Googled the character summaries. There will be a delight that the person tormenting their favourite characters is gone, but I would like to think there's a certain sadness at the loss of the delight people take in hating a character like Joffrey."

He went on to say "It was tough. I suppose it's one of those things that you have no prior experience in. I've never seen anyone die. It's hard to imagine what it would be like. But [director] Alex [Graves] very kindly walked me through. It was fun in the end, but kind of stressful to be so focused, but acting like you're completely unfocused. Difficult, but exciting."

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