Gone Girl Author Gillian Flynn's First Novel Coming to TV


Gone Girl Author Gillian Flynn's First Novel Coming to TV

Gillian Flynn is having quite the time. She's not only a massively successful author but she also has a movie adaptation of her third book, Gone Girl, on the way from director David Fincher.

Before that her second novel, Dark Places, is also coming to the big screen - that'll star Charlize Theron as a disturbed woman investigating the death of her family.

And as if that wasn't enough, Flynn's first novel is coming to TV. Entertainment Weeklyreports that Sharp Objects will be transmuted to a drama series from Entertainment One Television. There are some big names involved, including horror producer James Blum and writer Marti Noxon. She most recently write Fright Night but genre fans will remember her name in the credits for numerous episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The story revolves around a journalist who goes back to her home town to investigate a series of child murders. And things just get darker from there. It's a solid book, with plenty of characters and twists that could make for an entertaining series. It's far less glossy and cinematic than Gone Girl, making the TV route a good choice for the novel.

There's no word on a date just yet but expect Sharp Objects to arrive on screens in 2015 - possibly to tie into the home video release of Gone Girl.

Dark Places hits cinemas in the States in the 1st of September 2014, Gone Girl arrives in October.

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