Hulu Now Owns Every South Park Episode - Expect to Pay for Eps and Be Blocked Outside America


Hulu Now Owns Every South Park Episode - Expect to Pay for Eps and Be Blocked Outside America

South Park is totally still going, with season 18 set to arrive in September 2014. And it looks like ths show is going to be around for awhile, thanks to a new deal that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have struck.

It appears the entire South Park catalogue will be coming to the Hulu streaming service in the very near future. That means all 240 plus episodes as well as exclusive streaming rights to brand new eps as they air. The deal is worth a cool $80 million to South Park studios and will surely shore up any financial woes they could have been expecting. Maybe we'll even get a new movie out of the talented twosome.

Ahead of the Season 18 premiere, viewers will be able to catch every single ep on Hulu for free. And the previous home of streaming South Park goodnes - - will still have South Park episodes, just not the whole seasons on demand.

There is also bad news. After the September premiere you'll have to by a Hulu subscriber to watch South Park - either brand new eps or stuff from the back catalogue. And the even worse news is that Hulu pretty famously can't be watched outside of the United States.

Giving South Park away for free for so long was obviously not a sustainable thing but it does feel like a strange moment when people who work so hard to be antiestablishment sell of their product and put their viewers in a position of having to pay for it.

South Park Season 18 kicks off on the 24th of September 2014.

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